Standing barell sauna


The usefulness of sauna in a compact form

Our miniature sauna fits anywhere, accomodates a party of 4 and its the best way to enjoy the usefulness of nordic sauna.

Fits 4 friends

Made from Spruce

Height 2,7m

Diameter 2,2m


Here’s our standard configuration, but you can always contact us if you feel like customizing our offers even more.
HUUM kerisWindowed door
Seats for 5 people44mm walls
Larch floor boards6 roof elements
 2 Support legs
 SUPI wood treatment

Roof color choices

Roof tiles are available in 5 distinctive tints inspired by Estonian forests.

Solid Green

Rock Red

Moss Brown

Island Black

Sea Grey

HUUM heater – unique experience

Drop is inspired by the purest thing in nature – a drop of water.Every drop of water thrown on the heater will give you perfect steam.The unique design of the Drop heater maximizes the heat,keeps the stones hot longer and delivers a better experience.

Innovative smart controll

  • activate your heater from anywhere with the smart app
  • designed to stay hot longer and give more steam
  • built only the best materials and the best technology

Natural fire heater

Stoveman sauna heater guarantees an enjoyable, mild and durable sauna experience thanks to the large amount of heater stones that block the radiation from the metal surfaces. Stoveman – durable basics since 2002

All steel design

Glass front door

Quality that is loved by nordic people

Stories about sauna

The benefits of sauna are transforming its simple concept into a lifestyle of healtyness.

Rick Rubin – one of the most influencial music producers of today talks about health, sauna and working with Johnny Cash, Jay-Z and Slayer Listen to the show
Chris Chelios – legendary NFL player talks about the sauna technique that kept him in the top of the ranks up until his retirement! The cycle sauna!
Making regular sauna visits can boost your marathon and life performance. Read the article!

Nordic sauna sensations are waiting

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We use only the best brands to build our saunas

Finest nordic wood treatment

Heaters that are designed to last

Quality timber from sustainable resources

Designer experiences in light